Meatless Monday — Vegan Pad Thai (ผัดไทย)

Okay. I don’t like to pat myself in the back often, but sometimes it’s well deserved, okay? And gosh darn it this post will be dedicated to the high praise of my apparent skill as was only discovered by the insistent inspirational voice that Rika (from Vegan Miam) sent my way. Her request: Make something Thai for dinner.

Now, Thai food uses a lot of seafood and fish based sauces which  makes it hard to recreate the real flavors without feeling like something is…off. (It’s been challenging trying to veganize some of my favorite foods because lets face it, as much as I would like for it to be true, there are some ingredients that just cannot be substituted- or so I thought!) I’ve started experimenting with things like vegetarian oyster sauce, fish sauce and others in hopes of finding a good balance and until tonight have found it a rather unsuccessful endeavor, but ladies and gentlemen, I have prevailed!!

In preparation for this meal I went looking for a simple vegan pad thai recipe but had a really hard time. Another downfall of Thai food is that so many of sauces and dishes require massive numbers of ingredients. You don’t get to make a sauce with five or six items, no, no. Instead you’re whipping out fifteen or twenty. So not only is it complicated but also expensive. Unless you make a lot of Thai food having most of these ingredients is not only a waste of space but also money! So in an attempt to simplify this dish I made some cuts and substitutions that I think the average cook will appreciate.

I also cut down the calories by substiting one of my new favorite finds: PB2 from Bell Plantation. Instead of the normal 200+ calories in peanut butter I cut down the fat/calories by nearly 75%!

So, onward- recipe and nutritional counts. I really, really hope you try this and let me know what you think. I am more than proud of this and would love to know that it’s brought joy to someone else craving the same things I thought were lost to me in this new lifestyle!

Serves 1
Time: 15 minutes
375 calories

Stir Fry:

- 1 package Shiritaki noodles, rinsed and par boiled*
- 1.5tsp chili oil
- 1.5tsp minced garlic
- 1/2c fresh broccoli
- 1/2c snow peas
- 3tbsp white onion, chopped
- 8-10 cherry tomatoes, halved
- 1/2c fresh sprouts

* I used these for the lower calorie intake, you can use rice noodles for a more “authentic flavor”


- juice 1 fresh lime*
- 2tbsp reduced sodium soy sauce
- 1/2tbsp vegetarian fish sauce
- 1.5tbsp PB2
- 1tsp powdered lemongrass*
- 1tsp powdered galangal
- 1packet Splenda (or other zero calorie sweetener)

* For a less tart flavor reduce the amount of lime juice and lemongrass you add


- lime wedge
- chopped peanuts
- fresh cilantro
- fresh bean sprouts


1. Mix all sauce ingredients and set aside.
2. Stir fry broccoli, beans onion and noodles until soft
3. Add tomatoes and sprouts at the last moment and heat on low until warm
4. Add sauce, toss and serve with all garnishes on top
5. Enjoy!

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3 comments to Meatless Monday — Vegan Pad Thai (ผัดไทย)

  • Chikpeaz  says:

    MMM! Looks stellar. I am completely addicted to PB2. It’s so delicious in/on everything. Would it be wrong to mainline it?

    • Nicole Leigh  says:

      Hahah! Not at all! I love that stuff, man. :)

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