Meatless Monday – Fake Hummus and Balsamic Greens Pizza

* First and foremost: I am sorry for disappearing! June is always so hard for me to keep up with. I have three birthdays in my immediate family (including my own!), graduation parties, beginning of beach season, etc. It just makes the act of posting an item that keeps getting pushed down to the bottom of The List. I have photos all over the place but so little time to share them. So July I am committing to being sure not to keep in this rut- I’m back and back to stay! So then, onward ho!

At this point I’ve found it may just be time to turn this into a vegan pizza blog. (To be honest I’ve considered doing a 12-16 week project during which I create least one new pizza per week, you know, just for the heck of it? I might just do it yet, but we’ll see if that’s something I want to commit to.)

Anyhow! Tonight I was thinking I wanted a hummus pizza, but with Tropical Storm Debby making landfall it’s been hard for me to get around on my motorcycle. As a matter of fact this little present is what I found blocking my driveway for over two days. Being so confined I am forced to make do with whatever ingredients I have sitting around on my counters, in my cupboards and lining the shelves of my fridge. This go around I came up with this: fake hummus and balsamic greens pizza!

See, the problem I’ve always found with hummus is I need these random and somewhat unlocateable ingredients. As I’ve mentioned in the past there is something intimidating and disengaging about a ginormous list of obscure items. So I do my best to reduce that list without losing a lot of flavor. Do I succeed? Well, not always, but in this case I think I got something right. Read on to see the recipe and as always- if you try it, drop me a line and let me know!

Serves 1
Time: 15 minutes
475 calories


- 1/2c canned chickpeas
- 1/2tbsp olive oil
- 1tbsp fresh squeezed lemon juice
- salt and pepper
- steak seasoning
- cajun seasoning

1. Blend all “Sauce” ingredients in a blender
2. Spread on single serve, thin pizza crust
3. Top with shredded Daiya (mozz or pepper jack)
4. Bake per crust package instructions
5. Top with lightly dressed greens and enjoy with your favorite beverage!

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4 comments to Meatless Monday – Fake Hummus and Balsamic Greens Pizza

  • Justin (Lotus Artichoke)  says:

    This one looks great too! It’s like a Middle-Eastern pizza! I’m curious about blending the sauce with some basil or parsley, and/or possibly some sundried tomatoes. (ps. you’re into motorcycles? very cool!)

    • Nicole Leigh  says:

      Thanks, Justin! I love Middle-Easter flavors. I just hate buying and storing items like tahihi, which I just don’t use much of.

      Also, I strongly believe that the additional of basil and/or sun dried tomatoes would make this even better than it was! You should try it and let me know what you think! :D

  • Basil  says:

    Oh, clever, clever! I have seen a lot of weird pizza recipes, but hummus has never jumped out as a pizza topper for me. I’ll have to try this – it looks delish, and a change is always nice.

    • Nicole Leigh  says:

      It’s surprisingly delicious, healthy and simple! Store bought hummus would have made it “easier”, but I like to make things as homemade as possible. :)

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