Vegan Staples – Grilled Veggies!

* There are a few staple items I think any vegan should have at the ready. More than I think most of these staples are items any household should have at the ready. My first in this series will be the delicious, simple and healthy:

Grilled Vegetables

Each week I go shopping and pick up a lot of fresh produce and take a half hour or forty-five minutes and grill it. For the photos you’ll see at the bottom I cut these much smaller than normal. I also skewered them (which I normally don’t bother with). You can cut them in large pieces or small like I have. They are great for dinners alone, with your families or even parties.

I get 6-8 bell peppers, 1-2 red onions, 4-6 small squashes, 4-6 medium zucchinis and any other local, fresh or on small fruit and veg I feel compelled. I cut, oil, salt/pepper (and sometimes other delicious spices!) and grill these bad boys then package them up. I serve them as a side dish, topper for salads, vegetable paninis or pitas, pizza toppings, mixed into quinoa or couscous, etc. It is such a versatile item to have that I can no longer imagine not having them.

I strongly suggest that you block off the 30-45 minutes one weekend (soon), get your veggies grilled up and enjoy them throughout the week. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you will incorporate this into your weekly routine going forward.

What you’ll need:

- produce of your choosing, cut into sizes of your choice, enough olive or grapeseed oil to cut them, salt/pepper and any spices (I use chili powder quite often!)

What to do:

- place your veggies on a medium hot grill, turning after five minutes and taking off when staring to “wilt”

Last photo taken by Jason (you can see my chipped nail, haha!)

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