Meatless Monday – Autumn Apple Cider Granola

In my experimenting with granola I decided to try another flavor: apple cider. I was thrilled when it turned out well, and as I’ve said before, making granola at home makes so much more sense that I will never, ever buy the stuff again. My family gobbled up the entire batch within twenty four hours so I’m up to make another round and “test it out” on some friends as well. Take a look and see what you think!

Apple Cider Walnut Granola

Yields: 14 1/3c servings
Takes: 10 minutes prep, 60-90 minutes cook
Keeps: Shelf a few weeks, but you can freeze to keep longer
Cost: ~ $.27
Calories: ~160 per 1/3c

What you’ll need:

- 4 cups organic rolled oats (I used quick rolled)
- 1 cup apple butter
- 1/4c coconut oil
- 1/4c 100% maple syrup (or agave)
- 1/2c raw unsalted walnuts- rough chop
- 1/2 packet powdered apple cider drink mix
- 1/2tbsp salt
- 1/8c vegan butter, melted
- 1/4 c sugar
- 1/2c dehydrated or dried apple chunks

What to do:

1. Pre heat oven to 275 F; if you have a convection setting use it, this will help in reducing the cook time
2. Combine all “wet” ingredients- basically everything except the oats- in a medium sized bowl
3. Add mixture to oats in a large bowl (I actually used my wok)
4. Once ALL oats have been covered in pumpkin mixture spray a large glass casserole dish with non stick spray and dump oat mixture in
** I worried that I would need to lay it flat, but you really don’t. Just see below.
5. Place in oven and set timer for two hours
6. Now- here’s the tricky part- you have to stir this stuff every 15-20 minutes to make sure it’s drying properly and not burning the top. Grand time total? It took me about an hour and a half to get it to the proper crunch factor, but you can test it as you’re going and take it out when you’re ready, it’s really up to you. Be careful as it gets close to being done though as it will start burning.
7. Stir in dried apples when it’s cooled and store in air tight containers – I use Mason jars – and enjoy at your leisure!

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