Tasty Tuesday – 2013′s First Eats!

. For the first week of 2013′s Tasty Tuesday project I decided to go with a varied menu, of sorts. I ate a lot of Asian food, as is pretty typical of me, but instead of assaulting you with all of that I tried to pick some of my other favorites. I am planning on blogging the banh mi within the next week or so (Meatless Monday next week perhaps?) and the last photo, of the green smoothie is for a 30 day challenge.

I have some huge family stuff going on right now. My grandfather pass away on 1/2 so I will be going out of town for nearly a week starting Thursday. It’s a bit of sad time for us, but I know it will be good to see a lot of extended family members for the first time in many years and being back in Michigan, especially in the wintertime, will be invigorating. I look forward to catching up with posts and your blogs as soon as I get home!

Tofu bahn mi
(January 1, 2013)

Chili Rice and Beans
(January 3, 2013)

Super Green Smoothie for the Green Smoothie Challenge
(January 4, 2013)

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