Sample Thursdays – Mellow Mushroom!

What can I say about Mellow Mushroom- except that they’re awesome! When I lived in Brandon I used to go here when I could, but that was pre-vegan days. It’s only recently (as in the last six months or so) that I realized they serve Daiya cheese! With the addition of a vegan cheesey topping I have found a safe haven for my pizza cravings. Not to mention they make one of the best spicy bloody marys, with extra olives, that I’ve ever had.

Honestly, I’d love to write a long, drawn out review of this place, tell you some ins and outs, etc. but there’s not much more to say than: they are effin’ amazing and you should check them out!

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2 comments to Sample Thursdays – Mellow Mushroom!

  • holly  says:

    I love Mellow Mushroom! There’s nothing like a full blown cheeze pizza on a Friday night!
    I love that I can veganize most of the pies served. I think I may grab a pie to go, today :p


    • Nicole Leigh  says:

      I’ll be going in tonight for a friend’s birthday! :D

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