Whole Foods to the Rescue – Valentine’s Day 2013

* Alright. I’m going to start by saying that locking myself into five posts a week with specific topics just won’t work. I have a busy, active life and the moment this project becomes too much of a job I disappear for weeks at a time. I’d rather post 2-3 times a week with solid material than show you photos, events or recipes I don’t care about.

So in the spirit of being as true to myself as possible here is how I spent the weekend before Valentine’s Day with Jason. We went to Whole Foods for a Chocolate, Wine and Beer Extravaganza. They had many tables set up with tons of tastings. In the spirit of being accommodating and wonderful store they are they were sure to pull out a box of vegan chocolates for me to have with the pairings- it really was a lot of fun. We made sure to sign up for an upcoming beer class too.

I am still getting used to having my new camera. I absolutely love it but there is a large adjustment period from the XTi I used to have and the 5D Mark II. Bear with me while I get back on my feet. :)

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