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  • Arch R  says:

    Nicole, love your blog. Just moved from Manhattan to Tampa and I was worried I would have nothing to look forward to here…your blog is inspiring and made me hopeful for some cultural inspiration in the bay area! Cheers. PS: I am vegetarian and just recently took up photography as a hobby :)

    • Nicole Lee  says:

      Arch- welcome and thank you! Tampa really does have a lot of wonderful things to offer and I’m glad my words and photos helped you to trust that! Look forward to hearing from you again. (Also, do you have a website?)


  • Gretchen  says:

    Hi Nicole! Great site. I wanted to let you know that we have decided to feature your Pesto Pizza Galore recipe in our Weekly Crave-Able Recipe Round-Up which will post to our home page (www,chicvegan.com) tomorrow 6.2.12. The recipe will also be featured in our weekly newsletter which goes out to nearly 2400 subscribers.

    Congrats…keep up the good work!

    Gretchen Tseng
    Chic Vegan

  • paul  says:

    ahoy there,

    i don’t see your email address, so i’m using the comment on about (you can delete this comment).

    i’m paul jarvis, i wrote the ebook eatawesome (vegan cookbook).

    i’m building an app for iphone/ipad that showcases a curated gallery of vegan food photography (i.e. GOOD food photos of stunning vegan dishes). i know you take good vegan photos because i’ve seen them on your website.

    i’d love for you to submit 5 photos (at least 2500px by 2500px for those massive ipad retina displays) to be included in the app. you’ll get full credit, still 100% own the photo, and get a link to your blog, site, book, anything (except URLs to rick rolls or dancing hamsters). i require these by dec 14th. the app is called and answers the question, “what do vegans eat?”

    full details:

    * photo (at least 2500px by 2500px)
    * photo name (the name of the dish works best)
    * your full name with the right capitalizations
    * URL for the photo (it can be the same URL for each, or different ones if they relate to blog posts)

    interested? let me know. i hope you say yes, since i’m not asking many people. i’d love to promote you and what you do as well as get a decent vegan app in apple’s store. the photos can be from your cookbook (since i know a lot of you have one) to promote that.

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