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Meatless Monday – Hipster (Mason Jar) Pancakes

* Man- it’s been a while since I posted a recipe, huh? Sorry about that and I’m back on track.

So, lately Jason has been craving breakfast so I feel compelled to make him something other than chopped fruit. I try to keep it quick and easy since we both only have a few minutes to cook/eat. This weekend I went with something new. Piggy backing off the idea that brownies can be mixed in a mug/bowl and microwaved I thought perhaps the same can be said about pancakes. Like magic it worked! There’s only a handful of ingredients that take almost no time to put together and it’s ready in a jiffy.

Take a look and consider a five minute breakfast tomorrow (or any) morning! :)

Serves two.

what you need
1 c whole wheat flour
1-1.5 tbsp baking powder
2.5 tbsp white (or brown) sugar
2.5 tbsp dairy free butter
.75 c dairy free milk (almond or coconut are best)
pinch of salt
Fruit of your choice (raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, etc.)

(I also find that adding a small drizzle of grapeseed oil gives a nice texture)

what to do

- Melt butter
- Mix dry ingredients
- Mix milk/butter (and optional oil)
- Mix wet/dry ingredients until it forms a batter
- Fold in fruit
- Spoon batter into two 12-16oz mason jars (batter will rise 2-3 times)
- Microwave for 90-120 seconds (until a knife comes out clean)
- Top with butter/syrup/fruit compote/etc. and enjoy!

Note: Make sure to ask your kitties to help, if applicable.




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Caturday with Freyja the Kitten

* This little girl has become the light of our lives. To be honest I had forgotten just how ridiculous little kittens can be. Freyja is currently teething which has led her to start doing things like chewing on book covers and other papers around the house. She has also taken after her big brother Frost, as both of them now love to push everything they can off every table top and surface they can find. While it is quite annoying I cannot hold it against her when she turns those beautiful blues on me.

It’s also amazing to me how much easier it is to take photos of this little one than it ever was of the boys. (A lot of the reason I am excited to upgrade my camera is to start getting better photos of my black kitties, but for now you’re just going to get bombarded with images of her.)

little freyja

little freyja

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Freyja Friday!

I want to introduce everyone to the newest member of our family- Freyja! This was not planned and I my head is still spinning. See, what had happened was…

I made a comment that maybe Jason and I should pick up sweaters for the boys. We found this costume online and Jason wanted to have it so we decided to head to Petsmart. Which of course instantly sent me to the adoption section with Jason’s voice in my ear saying, “Don’t get any ideas.”

It was instantly too late.

I saw this little face staring at me through the cage. Her name was Bubbles and she’s a blue eyed, siamese, natural bob-tail kitty. All her family had been adopted and she was in the cage with another little kitty who was spoken for but too light to go home yet. Bubbles was playful, spunky and beautiful. I wanted her. Period. I couldn’t leave without her. Jason told me to think about it. My answer?

“I did think about it. Just now. And I want her.” He could not say no. And we walked out with kitty in hand just thirty minutes later.

Frost has been watching her closely and Loki is a bit jealous of all the attention she’s getting, but everyone is settling in. We kept her asleep in our room for the first few nights but everyone seems to be calm enough exist together. I’m sure that soon they’ll be snuggling and lovin’ on each other without a second thought. Expect to see and hear more about her- she ‘s so amazing I can handly stand it. :)

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