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Wordless Wednesday – Florida in “Winter”

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Basil, Cilantro and Parsley – Oh my!

Oh my word! I am so sorry that I’ve just…fallen off the face of the Earth. This has been a hectic and altogether frustrating few weeks for me but I’m on the right back. I’ve made some really, really, really positive changes and am glad to have things settling in. 2012 has hit me with some set backs but nothing I can’t handle-  I finally really believe that.

Anyhow! Moving up and on. I haven’t been cooking (or photographing) nearly as much as I’d like to. It’s one of my goals to get back on the wagon. I want at least 10 blogs posted this month and 12 each for the following two months- so keep an eye out. I am going to be super busy and super active!

Recently I’ve been trying to grow some of my own plants and this is also one of the things I really want to keep track of here. It seems so silly to me to be buying and wasting, not to mention the costs associated with growing and shipping!, so much cilantro, basil and parsley so they are first on my list of things to attempt to grow. As is apparent from the image above and below though- I am struggling. I have a brown thumb as it were. I’d love to be able to nurture and coach these little guys into a thriving life but no matter what I do, no matter how much reading, advise, information I get I just can’t seem to get it going!

So my question to you guys is this: have you/do you have your own garden? What do you grow? What do you find is the easiest? Most difficult? Most used? I am determined to be a good at-home gardener and would love any tips and tricks I can get!

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