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Tasty Tuesday – Spring Roll Explosion!

* I made some bomb-ass food this week- no joke. I finally got around to picking up some star anise and cinnamon sticks to make pho broth, additionally I got some rice paper to make my very own spring rolls at home. I ended up making spring rolls twice! The second batch was a plan on bánh mì with a Vegenaise, Sriracha, cilantro, lime mayo sauce. Seriously guys- this was a week of weeks when it came to my eats!

the sandwich in question

Whole Foods Gardein ciabatta sandwich
January 29, 2013

pho and spring rolls

Pho and tranditional spring rolls
January 30, 2013

bánh mì spring rolls

bánh mì spring rolls
January 31, 2013

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Tasty Tuesday – Good bye, January

* Super simple: I ate a lot of good food this week, let me tell you. And I’ve got plans for even better nomz (if that’s possible) coming up!

Just a note: these weekly Tasty Tuesday posts have become some of my favorites. It’s neat to revisit my week and see where I was and what I ate. Also, honestly, I make quite a few more unhealthy choices than I realized, haha!

Here’s to hoping this week will be equally as delicious but infinitely healthier. :)

Fajita night!

Fajita night: bell peppers, onion, diced tomato, fresh jalapenos, green onion, lime, cilantro and Tofutti better than sour cream with Taco Bus salsa verde
January 22, 2013

Indian/Thai inspired tofu "scramble" with Yves breakfast sausage

Indian/Thai inspired tofu “scramble” with Yves breakfast sausage
January 27, 2013

Spicy Mac and Chreese with asparagus

Spicy Mac and Chreese with sauteed asparagus (blogged for Meatless Monday)
January 28, 2013

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Tasty Tuesday – 2013′s eats continue!

* I ate out a lot this week. And when I wasn’t eating out I was cooking loads of collard greens (Jason says they remind him of his childhood). Oddly I stayed pretty healthy, made good choices and feel pretty good. I’ve got the collards as an upcoming recipe, other than that Taco Bus and Chiptole won me over this third week in January. Enjoy!

vegan "steak strip" burrito from taco bus

Vegan “steak strip” burrito with rice and refried beans
January 18, 2013

asparagus and collard greens

Collard greens with TVP “bacon bits” and garlicky sauteed asparagus
January 18, 2013

chipotle vegan tacos

Soft corn tortilla tacos with fajita veggies, black beans, guacamole, etc.
January 20, 2013

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Tasty Tuesday – Week 2 of 2013

. This has been a weird week. Having been out of town and staying in the frozen north (of southern Michigan) I spent most of my time eating crackers, tortilla chips and potato chips. I also had a frozen Amy’s meal and bean burritos at Taco Bell. It was a four day period of eating nothing worth having. So when I got home and decided to make Jason’s pre birthday dinner I was excited to have some decent foods at my disposal. It feels so much better to be eating like a real human being again, let me tell you.

Below we have some fun eats. The collard greens, sweet potato mash and garlicky gai lan are all on the docket to be blogged for some Meatless Monday posts which I am definitely looking forward to. Other than that I am thankful to be home and ready to get back into the groove of photographing and blogging for our regularly scheduled programming. I missed you guys. :)

Peppered Tofurky slices on pumpernickel rye with tomato, onion, fresh jalapeños, romaine, pickled diakon/carrot, avocado and Vegenaise with sautéed garlicky gai lan
(January 7, 2013)

Taco Bus tofu ensalada de casa
(January 8, 2013)

Jason’s pre bday dinner of sauteed spicy garlic collard greens with “bacon” bits, mashed sweet potato with sage brown butter and mini cornbread muffins
(January 14, 2013)

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Tasty Tuesday – 2013′s First Eats!

. For the first week of 2013′s Tasty Tuesday project I decided to go with a varied menu, of sorts. I ate a lot of Asian food, as is pretty typical of me, but instead of assaulting you with all of that I tried to pick some of my other favorites. I am planning on blogging the banh mi within the next week or so (Meatless Monday next week perhaps?) and the last photo, of the green smoothie is for a 30 day challenge.

I have some huge family stuff going on right now. My grandfather pass away on 1/2 so I will be going out of town for nearly a week starting Thursday. It’s a bit of sad time for us, but I know it will be good to see a lot of extended family members for the first time in many years and being back in Michigan, especially in the wintertime, will be invigorating. I look forward to catching up with posts and your blogs as soon as I get home!

Tofu bahn mi
(January 1, 2013)

Chili Rice and Beans
(January 3, 2013)

Super Green Smoothie for the Green Smoothie Challenge
(January 4, 2013)

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